What is Mission Enterprises Ltd?

Mission Enterprises Ltd (MEL) is a registered charity working with farmers and business people to facilitate more efficient giving to Christian missions and organisations.

How Does MEL work?

As a missions development partner, you are invited to place income generating assets with Mission Enterprises. These resources are used to generate income. The full net profit is distributed to various Christian organisations and missions.  The board of MEL is legally responsible for all funds generated and distributed  by MEL. We recognise the effort and resources that our missions development partners contribute in producing funds for distribution and invite  them to make suggestions where funds could be allocated. MEL has built long term partnerships with Christian organisations around the world and is open to consider supporting new suggested ministries. When making distributions, MEL prefers the recipient organisation to know why a  donation is being made to them, which would involve letting them know that you made the recommendation to the MEL Board.  If you prefer not to be mentioned to a  ministry in question, that can be accommodated.